A New Beginning – Dallas Stars Warriors

After years of hard work by the amazing board of directors and volunteers, the Dallas Warriors and Fort Worth Patriots have partnered with the Dallas Stars to create the Dallas Stars Warriors. While our focus and goals remain the same, the partnership with the Dallas Stars Adaptive Sports program will bring about many exciting opportunities and a bit of rebranding. These changes will feature new logo’s, jerseys, and hopefully new faces on the roster. The first official event for the new Stars Warriors program will be our players partaking in Robo’s toy drive on Saturday December 9th. The new jerseys will be worn for the first time as we join the Dallas Stars Alumni for a game after the Dallas Stars host the Golden Knights at American Airlines Center. We are very grateful for the Dallas Stars Organization and look forward to what the future will bring.

Webmaster’s Pontifications for March 2021

As part of the position I am assuming in the office of Webmaster / Social Media coordinator for the Dallas Warriors, I am required to assist in tasks which are comfortable for an introverted techie like myself: Migrating website hosting, DNS and domain management, email server set-up, designing custom graphics and video for our team(s), creating a website, documenting technical debt and a vast amount of information passed on from the last office holder.

There are also some tasks which are decidedly NOT comfortable for a introvert, such as monitoring, creating and engaging in social media posts. Fortunately, we have an amazing team of individuals who have skills and passions that span across the introvert / extrovert spectrum, and they have been great in helping me serve our organization.