Warrior Focus – Frank Demma

Most of you who play adult hockey in the Dallas / Fort Worth area have probably already met Frank Demma. If you’ve not spoken with him, you’ve probably had some beautiful goals taken away with a flashing glove and a vicious poke check. Even if you don’t play, but have attended a game or two, you might have even HEARD Frank’s booming voice as he defends the net, or discusses strategy on the players bench… That’s the way Frank likes it.

Frank and his family – At his CW5 Promotion

Frank grew up in Minnesota, playing in net from the age of 5, until approximately 10 years before he joined the Army. He is his family’s 3rd generation to serve with his son being the latest to respond to the call.

As a US service member, Frank served 22 years with the US Army, his latest rank a Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5), leading special mission units and special operations units in counter-terrorism, counter-espionage and served as the Executive Case Officer with the Army’s premier cyber CI investigative and operation platform.

“Frankly”, there are so many titles and elements of note on CW Demma’s military resume, this author is going to have to cut it short so this doesn’t become The Book Of Frank … And this author now realizes he is now sorry for picking on Frank’s big voice in the opening paragraph!

Afghanistan 2009

Frank was deployed in more than a dozen fields of operation, including 3 tours in Afghanistan, 2 tours in Iraq and 4 tours in Africa. His honors include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star with “V” device, 3 Bronze Stars, 2 Joint Meritorious Service medals, 5 Meritorious Service medals, 2 Army Commendation medals, as well as 2-dozen others.

Around 2012, Demma got some ugly news from his doctors, and he spent months at Walter Reed being treated for cancer. He and his family fought this health challenge until it was pushed into remission, allowing him to continue his Army career, though this would not be the last time his doctors had to have a hard talk about this serious issue over the next few years, and even into his retirement.

“I think the thing that keeps me going the most is my wife and my family. I still have so many things I want to do and accomplish which drives me to continue to fight each and every day to get healthier.”

Frank and his beautiful wife, Glenda

Frank and his wife, Glenda, made the decision to retire in May of 2021, and Frank started his senior consulting job with a multinational professional services corporation with offices in over 150 countries around the world.

He’s very grateful for a job that allows him to continue to make a difference and help make the world a better place. He is elated to have found the Dallas Warriors organization, and his lady Glenda can often be seen in the stands, taking photos of the games and cheering Frank as he fights his battles on and off the ice.

“… I was thrilled to find an organization like the Dallas Warriors… and now enjoy playing five nights a week on five separate teams. I also try to find some games to sub on for the two off-nights (if my wife will let me)…”

Demma continues to strongly participate in everything the Dallas Warriors organization has to offer, including regularly attending practices and playing in fund raising events and travel tournaments. He very much enjoys the Warrior tournaments and is especially looking forward to upcoming New Jersey and Florida events.


Frank recently invented more free time and has graciously agreed to help lead our organization and is serving on the board of directors. His keen attention to detail, vast experience in communication and logistics will be crucial in helping to lead the Dallas Warriors into the next phase of growth as our Director of Fundraising.

Please help us welcome Frank to the community of veteran hockey players and to the leadership team on the Dallas Warriors!


Warrior Focus – Joel Brasier

As a goalie, Joel Brasier takes a lot of pucks to the head, but that’s not the worse that he’s had to overcome.

Joel joined the service in 2001 and did 2 deployments with the 82nd Airborne between 2003 and 2005. After Iraq and Afghanistan, he headed back to Iraq with Ft. Stewart’s 3rd Infantry Division where a suicide vehicle borne IED hit his convoy, leaving him with a serious head injury and ultimately forcing him out of the US Army after 9 years of service.

Now home in Texas, Joel is applying the therapeutic benefits of securing the net to increasing his concentration, attention, balance and hand-eye coordination.

Not being satisfied with some success on the ice, Joel has also tackled extending his education, and is looking to graduate with a Bachelors in Mass Media Journalism, making the Dean’s list in his very first semester.

Joel’s dreams are becoming reality in this “new chapter” he’s started since settling down here stateside, and we with the Dallas Warriors are cheering him all the way!