Warrior Focus – Joel Brasier

As a goalie, Joel Brasier takes a lot of pucks to the head, but that’s not the worse that he’s had to overcome.

Joel joined the service in 2001 and did 2 deployments with the 82nd Airborne between 2003 and 2005. After Iraq and Afghanistan, he headed back to Iraq with Ft. Stewart’s 3rd Infantry Division where a suicide vehicle borne IED hit his convoy, leaving him with a serious head injury and ultimately forcing him out of the US Army after 9 years of service.

Now home in Texas, Joel is applying the therapeutic benefits of securing the net to increasing his concentration, attention, balance and hand-eye coordination.

Not being satisfied with some success on the ice, Joel has also tackled extending his education, and is looking to graduate with a Bachelors in Mass Media Journalism, making the Dean’s list in his very first semester.

Joel’s dreams are becoming reality in this “new chapter” he’s started since settling down here stateside, and we with the Dallas Warriors are cheering him all the way!