Warrior Focus – Ryan Young

“I have always had a knack for planning events/ parties, so I thought my skills could be best put to use for the Warriors Organization in this role. Since joining the team, I have quickly found a sense of camaraderie and ease fitting in that has helped me personally in numerous ways, so the least I can do is give back to the team by helping it to succeed both on and off the ice.”

Ryan Young served 11 years in the US Army Reserves, including 2 deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003, 2004-2005).

Ryan loved it so much, he headed back again in 2009 as a contractor in support of the MRAP – Caiman program for BAE Systems.

Ryan is from a family of warriors: His Grand Father and Father were both retired USAF officers, the former a Major in Radio / TV and Film, and the latter a Lieutenant Colonel and B-52 pilot.

Ryan was accepted into the Warrant Officer program in 2007 but due to a torn ACL, that was put on hold and instead he began his civilian career in 2011.

Ryan has interests in Hockey and Baseball, music (concerts, festivals and collecting vinyl) and a passion for fostering furry friends.

Ryan has gone all-in with the Dallas Warriors, filling board positions in Events and PR, and more recently, picked up the mantle of VP of Operations.

We have all been blessed by Ryan’s inclusion to the Dallas Warriors leadership team, and his contributions always awe us. Welcome Ryan!