The Way Back Machine – Dallas Stars Puck Drop

Today we are looking back an entire year before COVID-19 left us wondering when we’d get to play hockey again, to an event which helped to raise awareness for injured and disabled veterans in North Texas, and elsewhere.

The year was 2019, and our own Dallas Warriors member Russ Lusk was invited to the American Airlines Center for a ceremonial puck drop before the Dallas Stars faced off against the New York Rangers.

In addition to this honor, the Warriors were also able to raise money from raffle sales and jersey auctions.

“The camaraderie, the relationships, the things that we miss from being on active duty. You don’t realize just how important those relationships are and how much we need them post service,”

March 5, 2019 NBCDFW

To read the article, or watch the video from NBC 5 DFW, head over here or watch the embedded video below.